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The Benefits of Overcladding

Looking to decrease your energy bills? An overcladding system may be the solution, whilst also improving thermal insulation and external aesthetics…

How does it work?

An overclad system is constructed over the old façade or original external structure, meaning that it will keep dry due to the introduction of correct levels of air circulation – causing the structures energy consumption to reduce.

How will it help?

The primary purpose of the extra thermal insulation is to protect the old structure from ongoing damage and to prevent damage from spreading, without effecting the internal structure. Acoustic performance is also improved.

Your building’s exterior is just as important as the interior, being the first and last aspect of your brand that a visitor will see during their time with you. Whilst extending the life-span of your building, decreasing damage, and improving energy efficiency, overcladding will also improve a building’s aesthetics with numerous sheeting choices available.

Why overcladding?

Thermal inefficiencies are commonly present within older buildings and many will require structure updates to remain compliant with current building regulations, as well as being suitable to withstand today’s harsh environments.

Overcladding will provide you with a cost-effective solution as an alternative to expensive and lengthy structure replacement works – minimising workplace disruption, inconvenience and a potential loss of income.

TIP: if repeated ongoing maintenance work is required, replacement may be the most suitable long-term solution.


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