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Asbestos Management – Two Key Points to Consider

In 2012, the regulations around the ‘Control of Asbestos’ changed regarding the exposure to asbestos in commercial, industrial and social environments. The main changes to regulations involved non-licensed ACM’s (Asbestos Containing Material) and the measures that must be in place to safely test, remove, or encapsulate this string of asbestos. Where is asbestos found? If […]

The Benefits of Overcladding

Looking to decrease your energy bills? An overcladding system may be the solution, whilst also improving thermal insulation and external aesthetics… How does it work? An overclad system is constructed over the old façade or original external structure, meaning that it will keep dry due to the introduction of correct levels of air circulation – […]

Project Highlight – The Mitre

Located on a tight 3-way junction in Burnley, HSFM’s specialist team worked on the construction of a flagship wellbeing centre – The Mitre Project. This state of the art project followed the clients existing facility which opened in 2004 and has helped and supported thousands of vulnerable individuals and families to get back on their […]

Cut Edge Corrosion – What is it and, how can it be identified?

What is Cut Edge Corrosion? Triggered by the cut edge of a metal sheet being insufficiently coated during the manufacturing stage, any untreated metal edge exposed to the elements is vulnerable to Cut Edge Corrosion (CEC). The process is accelerated by water being retained within the laps and joints of a roof’s structure, with the […]

Asbestos Removal and a New Roof for Independent Twine Manufacturing

HSFM’s specialist team where tasked with the safe removal of 5000m² of an asbestos cement roof and 1000m² of asbestos cement wall sheets. Replacing the old and unsafe roof with a new twin-skin trapezoidal system with all associated flashings, RWPs & RWOs. GRP Skylights were also installed, allowing additional natural light to enter the building. […]

The Benefits of a Thermal Condition Survey

As businesses are continually motivated to improve their energy efficiency, getting to know the condition of a roof is imperative when it comes to preparing for planned maintenance and avoiding reactive costs. What is included in a Thermal Condition Survey? Roof Surface Moisture Scan: to locate problem areas Interior Leak Detection: to identify missing or […]

It’s time to clean your building’s gutters

Although many building owners and managers may not think it, gutter cleaning is an essential requirement that should be carried out on all buildings. In fact, gutter cleaning is one of the most important aspects of a building’s maintenance schedule. Here we answer some of the questions that many of our clients ask us when […]

Don’t leave blocked gutters until it’s too late

You may not have thought about it but if, like many building owners, you haven’t had your gutters checked for a while, now might be a good time to do so following the bad weather in the first quarter of this year. When strong winds occur, building owners and managers naturally focus on the damage […]

Take care of your roof and it will take care of you.

As a building’s first line of defence against rain, snow and wind, a roof has the ultimate role of protecting what is probably your most valuable asset as well as the people and equipment inside. Despite this, many roofs are not regularly maintained, which means that they become vulnerable, especially during a storm. Conversely, regular […]

High level cleaning – leave it to the experts

There are many accidents within the facilities management and cleaning industries that involve work at height. But what does Work at Height constitute? According to the HSE website, Work at Height means work in any place where, if precautions aren’t taken, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. Work at Height […]