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Corporate Social Responsibility

Facilities Management comes with big responsibilities to employees, clients and the environment. At HSFM, using a positive and clear attitude, we strive to excel in the company’s goals, to provide an excellent service to our customers whilst making for a better and healthier planet.

Our job isn’t done unless our clients and employees are satisfied with each and every job and day, from start to finish. HSFM will never stop in the pursuit of happy and satisfied client feedback. We are increasingly reaching out and broadening our spectrum in terms of improvement to our Corporate Social Responsibility, and we continuously encourage our staff and business partners to always aim high in their expectations and follow our L.E.A.D.I.N.G company values.


As a community, HSFM sponsor a number of the local football clubs and raise money for different charities each year selected by the company and our employees.

In 2014 the company supported Marie Curie, helping to bring much needed support to those with terminal illnesses.

In 2015 the company will be supporting and raising money for Children with Cancer UK, another very worthy cause. One of our employees will also be running the London marathon in support of this cause, as well as a number of companywide activities that will be taking place through the year.

We actively encourage our employees to get involved in all manner of fund raising where the company matchs any money raised.


We are always condensing our Carbon Footprint in the present and the imminent future by using renewable and sustainable materials and equipment. We encourage and support our clients to help the environment benefit from their reduced energy produce and diminished carbon emissions. This is so important to us, as we know that non-domestic building suffice for around 20% of greenhouse gases. We can all do something individually even if it’s small to help reduce this effect on the planet, and if everyone does it together those small efforts will all add up.